2017 SCoNE Line Up Procedures

First Race of the Season:

  • Drivers draw for starting position. Lowest number starts on the pole, next lowest starts outside pole etc. There will be two heats races.
  • SCoNE only starts 18 cars for the feature. More than 18 sprint cars in the pits, there will be a B-main to qualify for the feature. The first 7 cars to finish each heat race will be qualified for the feature. The top 4 cars from the "B" go to the feature. The number of laps in the "B" based on the number of cars in the "B". Finishing order in the "B" will be your starting order in the main feature, behind the qualified cars. If there are 18 cars or less in the pits, all cars will start the main feature in the order that you finished the heat races.
  • Qualified rookies will start at the rear of the feature. Rookies start at the rear of the heats.
  • There will be an inversion draw for the feature. Number on the pill will invert that number of rows of cars.

    Second Race Day:

  • Drivers will be lined up by points. High point drivers start at the rear of the heats and feature. Rookies start at the rear of the heats and feature. The last race feature winner will start at the tail of the feature but ahead of the rookies.

    Third Race Day:

    Drivers will be lined up by points. High point drivers to the rear of the heats and feature. Rookies start at the rear of the heats and feature. The last race winner will start at the tail of the feature, ahead of the rookies.

    Fourth race day to end of season:

  • Drivers will be lined up by points. Drivers starting position in the heats will be based on the last three weeks of racing for the rest of the season. The feature starting position will be based on total points for the season. Drivers that miss races will be awarded 65 ghost points for each race meet missed. This is used for lineup positions only, will not be used for the final point total at the end of the year.
  • Rookies that have raced three weeks will start based on their point totals in the heats and feature.
  • If there are 18 cars or less in the pits, all cars will start the feature based on point totals. High points to the rear of the feature, last week's winner to the tail of the feature. If there are more than 18 cars in the pits, a B-main will be run. Top 7 cars from each of the 2 heats will qualify for the feature. All non-qualified cars will run the "B" for the last 4 spots in the feature. Where you finish in the "B" will be your starting position in the main feature. "B" finishers will start behind the qualified cars from the heats. If the last race feature winner qualifies for the feature, that driver will start in the 14th position of the feature ahead of the "B" finishers.
  • Any active sprint car driver from another series will start the heat race from the last position. If that driver finishes in the top 7 of the heat race, they will start the feature in the 14th position. The last week's winner if qualified will move to the 13th position for the feature, "B" finishers fill in the last four spots.
  • If a driver shows up ready to race and cannot race the heat races due to a wreck/expired engine in the warm ups will be awarded last place feature points for the night.

    SCoNE Board of Directors

  • Click Here for a printable PDF copy of the LineUp Procedures
    updated 1/1/2017

    1. The car owner and/or driver shall be responsible for the actions of their pit crew at all SCoNE events. Each crewmember is also responsible for their own actions.

    2. No crewmember will enter the starters stand or scoring tower to discuss a problem on the night's races. Any discussion on the nights races will take place at the conclusion of the nights events.

    3. No driver or crewmember shall consume any intoxicants or use any narcotics during the race meet. Anyone caught with either substance, will be banned from racing in any SCoNE events for 12 months.

    4. No excessive speeding in the pit area.

    5. No driver or crewmember shall use abusive language. No driver or crewmember will threaten another team or official for events that happen on the track or in the pits.

  • a. First offense: $100.00
  • b. Second offense: $200.00 and 20 points. Points deducted after last race of season.
  • c. Third offense: suspended for the rest of season.

    All fines will be paid before offender can race in any SCONE events.

    6. Any physical contact between drivers, crews or officials will have an immediate suspension for 12 months. (taking a swing at a driver, crewmember or official)

    7. If a driver starts the car in the pits, proper safety gear should be worn during start up (helmet, race suit, etc.)


    8. Rookie drivers will start at the rear of the heats and features for three racing events. After three racing events have been completed, rookies will start by their point total. Any former SCoNE driver not racing on opening day will start from the rear of heats and feature for two weeks. Any former SCoNE driver that has not raced with SCoNE for more than a year will start at the rear of the heats and feature for two weeks. After two weeks lineup will be by point total earned.

    9. All racers will be ready when the class is called to the line up area. We want to keep the show moving along.

    10. No car will enter the track under any condition (white, yellow, or green flag conditions) without permission from a track official.

    11. Pit crew will not be allowed on the track unless requested by an official. Exception to this rule is a mandatory fuel stop on long distance races. Two crew members per car will be allowed to refuel car, and bring out tear-offs. No adjustments to the car will be allowed to maintain starting position, that includes air in the tires.

    12. Under a red flag stop, due to a crash, no repairs or adjustments will be allowed. Anyone making on track adjustments during a red flag will start at the back of the pack. This includes air adjustments under red flag conditions.

    13. If a car leaves the track under yellow flag conditions during the heat race, it will not be allowed to return. In the feature a car can leave under yellow and return if done before the race goes green. Cars going to the pits will have two laps after the line up is correct, to return to the track. When the race director says “we will go green the next time around” the pits will be closed. If you are in the pits when this happens you cannot return to the track until the next yellow flag. If you push past the pit workers and cause a false start, you will be parked for the rest of the race. No crewmembers or push vehicles will be allowed on the race track during a red flag stop, only safety workers and track workers will be allowed at the crash. If you are not part of the crashed cars and are pushed into the pits under red flag conditions you will be done for the night.

    14. NO HOT- LAPPING the car before the track is clear of workers or push vehicles. Any one hot-lapping before the starter waves the green will be penalized as follows.

  • a. First offense: will start at rear of field for the night.
  • b. Second offense: will start at the rear of field for the remainder of the season.
  • c. Third offense: You are suspended for the remainder of the season.

    15. When you are pushed off to start you will idle around until you are given the green or rolled flag from the starter to hot-lap, NO EXCEPTIONS!

    16. All original starts will be at the drop of the green off the fourth corner. A cone, stripe, or pole will mark the start spot for the race. Cars will maintain their position for the start of the race. Any car passing before the race goes green will be penalized and set back by the starter, at the end of the race, two positions for each one passed. Pole cars subject to same rules if found jumping the flag on the original start. Cars cannot pass the pace car unless directed by an official. Violators will start at the rear of that race for passing the pace vehicle.

    17. When an accident occurs, the field will be restarted with the car, or cars causing the restart, plus any stopped cars, going to the rear of the field. If the first lap has not been completed, the field will line up double file. After the first lap has been official, the first attempt at the restart will be double file with the leader having lane choice. Subsequent restart attempts for the same incident will be single file. Lapped cars will go to the tail end of the field in the event of a restart.

    18. Pole position car sets the pace for the start, and restart of the race.

    19. Any driver that qualifies for the feature but has to change cars to run the feature, must start from the rear of the feature lineup.

    20. The race director will use a radio to communicate with the drivers. Raceivers are mandatory. Drivers will be responsible for a working raceiver. A raceiver that fails to work while on the racetrack is subject to a warning for the first offense. Second offense: subject to a $50.00 fine and five points from point total at end of season. Failure to use a raceiver or scanner, while on the racetrack: automatic suspension for the remainder of the season.

    21. ALL drivers will be 16 years old and older to compete in any SCONE events. Drivers under 18 years old must have parental consent. Parental consent must be in writing filed with the SCONE director. Drivers under 18 years old must have oval track racing experience to compete in any SCONE events. Subject to competition board approval on amount of experience. May have to pass a test.


    22. Any cast iron block, no aluminum blocks. No more than 360 cubic inches, +1%. Mopar 360 engine only a .030 overbore. Any cylinder head, cast iron or aluminum allowed. May be used as cast or ported. Methanol fuel only, no gasoline. No additives other than top end lube. No nitromethane. May use steel wheels, or aluminum. No plastic or carbon fiber wheels. Bead locks highly recommended.

    23. May use fuel injection or carburetor. Fuel injection: any size up to 2 1/2 inch throttle bore. Anything larger than a 2 1/2 inch bore requires a reducer stack. Must have fuel shut off from tank to the pump for the safety workers in the event of fire, crash or roll over.

    24. All fuel tanks will be of the bladder type. Must be securely mounted to the frame.

    25. Throttle linkage will have two return springs, one on the pedal and one at the fuel injection throttle shaft. Cable control throttles will be of the Morse cable type. Positive push pull cable only. No pull only cables.

    26. Must have approved safety belts. No old relics for safety belts. Subject to inspection. Must pass tech at race track, no more than three year old belts.

    27. No tire rule this year. May have a tire rule in the future. SCONE drivers and owners will have input for any future tire rules.

    28. All cars will have MUFFLERS no exceptions. Mufflers will be one of the following: Dyno max 24216 bullet style muffler, or ASCS Schoenfeld 112535. The vortex cone style muffler will be accepted as a muffler. Mufflers will be securely fastened to the header. (weld, bolt).

    29. Must have proper safety equipment (Snell approved helmet, fire suit, gloves, arm restraints, shoes, fire retardant underwear). A neck support, or collar will be mandatory.

    30. Any sprint car chassis will be allowed, must be a sprint car.

    31. Top wings are mandatory with exceptions (helps in a crash). No larger than 25 sq.ft.(5x5) Side panels will be no larger than 30 inches x 72 inches. Support braces will be within the 30x72 dimension. May use hydraulic wing adjuster, front to back adjustments on the top wing only. In the event of a crash, car may finish the night out without a top wing (good luck). Nose wings will be 6 sq. ft., side panels for nose wing 12 in. tall max.

    32. Car numbers will be displayed on the top wing side panels and center of the wing surface. Also numbers will be on each side of the fuel tank, visible from the rear of the car. Cars will have nesprintcars.com on leading edge of top wing. The vinyl graphics will be supplied to the car owner free of charge. Numbers will highly contrasting in color, 3 inches wide and 18 inches tall, minimum size. No duplicate numbers or letters added to the duplicate number if you are racing with SCoNE for the season. Call the race director to check on number availability.

    33. No computer controlled devices, no traction control,(right foot works real well here).

    34. Must have working brakes at all times.

    35. Must have full fire wall between the driver and the engine compartment,(floor board to the bottom of the hood). Holes in the firewall should be kept to a minimum amount.

    36. There will be a shock claim rule for SCoNE.

    The rule is as follows: The shocks on the car at the end of the feature will be subject to the shock claim rule. Drivers must finish the feature and pass under the checkered flag to claim any shocks. Drivers must find the designated official to state their claim on a competitor shock or shocks. Drivers have twenty minutes from the checkered flag in the feature to make their claim on a competitor shock. More than twenty minutes after the checkered flag, there will be no claim done. Drivers will have payment for claimed shock or shocks at time of claim. Only the shocks on the car after the feature are subject to the claim. Competitor must leave feature race shocks on the car until the claim time expires. (twenty minutes). If a competitor is found replacing shocks before the claim time is up, subject to a $50.00 fine. Drivers that refuse to follow through with the claim on their shocks will be fined $200.00. Fine to be paid before competitor can race with SCoNE. Any driver that races for SCoNE for the first time will NOT be subject to the claim rule if from another series. The next time same competitor races with SCoNE will be subject to the claim rule. The cost of the claim on the shock will be $300.00 each. Shock or shocks claimed, must be used by competitor making claim the following race meet. Failure to use claimed shock or shocks will be subject to $100.00 fine.

    37. Any rules not covered in the above text are subject to the track rules where we race. We will follow any track safety rules not covered in the above text.


  • Racers keep it simple. We are not racing for a lot of money here.
  • Some of the rules have been copied from the 2007 ESS rulebook.




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