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Luke Greenwood Best at Bear Ridge Speedway

Saturday night September 2nd the Sprint Cars of New England appeared at the Bear Ridge Speedway for part one of a Labor Day Double Header.

It was a thrilling Feature event with most of the excitement provided by Lacey Hanson and Luke Greenwood with Chris Donnelly joining the fray late in the event. It didn't take Lacey Hanson long to blast to the front rim riding from her sixth starting spot. Once Hanson claimed the top spot she began to put quite a distance between here and the rest of the field. As the race approached the halfway point Hanson started to encounter heavy lapped traffic. This allowed Luke Greenwood, who started eighth on the field, to reel her in and he arrived on Hanson's back bumper around lap eighteen. The duo raced side by side cutting through lapped traffic with Greenwood nosing ahead for a lap before Hanson led another lap, using the outside groove. Greenwood stayed low and by now Chris Donnelly joined the battle, stalking the lead duo while they rocketed through lapped traffic. Hanson and Greenwood traded the lead a couple of more times before Greenwood moved to the top spot for good with 25 laps complete. Chris Donnelly would also get by Lacey Hanson a lap later and set his sights on Greenwood. With lapped traffic still in the mix Greenwood ran low and Donnelly high but Luke Greenwood would hold off the hard charging Chris Donnelly for the win, his third of the season. Chris Donnelly was a very close second with Lacey Hanson third. Ryan Avery and Will Hull completed the top five.

The next appearance for the Sprint Cars of New England is Friday, September 8th at The Legion Speedway.

Photos Courtesy of Alan Ward
Unofficial Results

Bear Ridge Speedway, Sunday August 19th, 2017

  1.  Luke Greenwood
  2.  Chris Donnelly
  3.  Lacey Hanson
  4.  Ryan Avery
  5.  Will Hull
  6.  Kevin Chaffee
  7.  Clay Dow
  8.  Jake Williams
  9.  Tyler Austin
  10. Lauren Boisvert
  11. Patrick Smith
  12. Bill Guertin Jr
  13. Matt Hoyt
  14. Mark Cole
  15. Christine Boesch
  16. Dennis McLeod
  17. Allan Hammond
  18. Rick Stone
  19. Barry LaValley



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