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Claw Dow wins at Legion, Chris Donnelly at Bear Ridge

With the Sprint Cars of New England Triple Crown weekend washed out last week, two of the three events were contested this week with the event at Devils Bowl Speedway lost.

Friday night at The Legion Speedway Clay Dow took full advantage of his pole position start to bolt into the lead at the drop of the green flag. The first caution of the feature flew with just three laps in the books for Luke Greenwood, who coasted to a stop with a driveline failure on the backstretch. When the green once again flew Dow resumed his torrid pace in the top spot, slowly pulling away from a tremendous battle for second, third and fourth between Matt Hoyt, Chris Donnelly and Dan Douville. The next yellow was for Barry LaValley, who spun in turn four. When racing resumed everyone maintained their positions until the next yellow, which involved Lauren Boisvert and Will Hull. At this point Ryan Avery headed to the pits, his night done. Boisvert's night was over as well but Will Hull restarted, only lasting two more laps before retiring to the infield due to damage from the previous incident. On the restart Matt Hoyt claimed second from Chris Donnelly with Dow still out front. Donnelly made one last charge to regain second with a single lap to go, but bounced off the backstretch wall and continued. At the checkers it was Clay Dow with the win, Matt Hoyt second and Chris Donnelly third. Dan Douville and Jake Williams completed the top five.

Saturday night at Bear Ridge the start of the night's activities were delayed by nearly two hours due to rain that hit the area just as the cars rolled onto the track for hot laps. This extra moisture produced a lightning fast track with a big bump headed into turn one. Come Feature time Christine Boesch took the lead from the pole position when the green was displayed. Her lead only lasted a single lap before Lauren Boisvert claimed the top spot. Boisvert would lead as Jake Williams was slashing his way to the front. Williams would blast by Boisvert to take the lead with five laps complete. Two laps later the races' only caution was displayed for Luke Greenwood, who stopped at the top of turn one with another driveline failure. When racing resumed Williams once again took the lead and started to pull away from the field. About five laps later Chris Donnelly, who was running second started to narrow the gap, finally catching Williams and taking the lead with around 20 laps complete. From there Donnelly was in control and went on to take the win, Williams was second with Matt Hoyt having another fine run in third. Dan Douville and Will Hull rounded out the top five.

The overall Triple Crown title went to Chris Donnelly followed by Matt Hoyt, Jake Williams, Clay Dow and Dan Douville.

The next event for the Sprint Cars of New England is a makeup date at The Legion Speedway on July 21st.

Photos Courtesy of Alan Ward
Unofficial Results
Triple Crown Overall Top 10

1  Chris Donnelly
2  Matt Hoyt
3  Jake Williams
4  Clay Dow
5  Dan Douville
6  Patrick Smith
7  Lacey Hanson
8  Will Hull
9  Tyler Austin
10 Lauren Boisvert
Legion Speedway-Friday July 7th, 2017

1  Clay Dow
2  Matt Hoyt
3  Chris Donnelly
4  Dan Douville
5  Jake Williams
6  Lacey Hanson
7  Tyler Austin
8  Patrick Smith
9  Dennis McLeod
10 Christine Boesch
11 Barry LaValley
12 Derek Jeanson
13 Will Hull
14 Ryan Avery
15 Lauren Boisvert
16 Luke Greenwood
17 Ron Giroux
Bear Ridge Speedway-Saturday July 8th

1  Chris Donnelly
2  Jake Williams
3  Matt Hoyt
4  Dan Douville
5  Will Hull
6  Clay Dow
7  Patrick Smith
8  Lauren Boisvert
9  Lacey Hanson
10 Marty Hutchins
11 Dennis McLeod
12 Christine Boesch
13 Derek Jeanson
14 Barry LaValley
15 Tyler Austin
16 Luke Greenwood
17 Kevin Chaffee-DNS



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