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Jake Williams Tops the Field at Bear Ridge Speedway

Saturday night August, 19th Bear Ridge Speedway was the sight of the latest event for the Sprint Cars of New England with nineteen of the powerful machines on hand.

Christine Boesch started on the front row of the Feature event and swept past Lauren Boisvert into the lead when the green flag flew. Boesch steadily pulled away from the field building a rather large lead. By the time the race was a third over Patrick Smith had cut Boesch's lead in half and at the same time Tyler Austin was closing on Smith. Austin finally worked his way past Smith into second when the flagger showed the halfway indicator. On the same lap Jacob Williams also made has way past Smith into third. Just three laps later Jacob Williams rolled by Austin to take the second spot. While the tremendous battle was going on for those positions leader Christine Boesch encountered heavy lapped traffic, allowing Williams to close to her rear bumper and actually nose ahead a time or two. Disaster struck for Boesch just a couple of laps later as she spun to the infield off turn two while trying to navigate lapped traffic, causing the races only yellow flag. Jacob Williams inherited the lead and when the green flag flew Williams pulled away from Austin to cement the top spot. A couple of laps later Ryan Avery moved past the fading Patrick Smith to take the third spot. The last few laps were run clean and green with Jacob Williams taking the win. Tyler Austin claimed second with Ryan Avery third. Clay Dow and Kevin Chaffee completed the top five.

Heat race winners were Christine Boesch and Matt Hoyt.

The next appearance for the Sprint Cars of New England is Saturday, September 2nd at The Bear Ridge Speedway.

Photos Courtesy of Alan Ward
Unofficial Results

Bear Ridge Speedway, Sunday August 19th, 2017

  1.  Jacob Williams #73
  2.  Tyler Austin #01
  3.  Ryan Avery #71
  4.  Clay Dow #58
  5.  Kevin Chaffee #8 
  6.  Will Hull #61
  7.  Patrick Smith #21
  8.  Dennis McLeod #31
  9.  Scott Holcomb #91
  10. Matt Hoyt #07
  11. Luke Greenwood #89
  12. Lacey Hanson #33
  13. Mark Cole #6x
  14. Lauren Boisvert #22
  15. Christine Boesch #23
  16. Rick Stone #41u
  17. Bill Guertin #12
  18. Barry LaValley #27
  19. Leo Yeager #7y



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